Review of iPhone Screen Recorder (Acethinker)

In recent times, we have seen quite a lot of people talking about screen recorders with a particular focus on the iPhone. However, their conversations seem to be centered around one program in particular – iPhone Screen Recorder. If you were interested or needed a program of this type, we have a review today to show you the main features and why it is gaining much attention!

Key Features


When you first load the program, you will notice a number of features that jump out immediately but there are also some hidden gems that you might not expect from such a simple program.

HD Recording – Firstly, the quality is often the most important feature of a screen recorder because this is the end result. When reviewing a microphone, the focus would be on the audio file in the same way. When you look into the video settings, you will notice that your recordings come out in HD and this is a vital feature of iPhone Screen Recorder. With some programs, you have to surrender HD recording or suffer with lag with the setting selected. For Acethinker, this seems to have been an important cog in the wheel and there is no compromise on quality. Whether you are using your iPad or iPhone, this is one of the main talking points.


Wireless – After the quality, the next point of discussion should be the ‘wireless’ feature as this makes everything easier many times over. Not only do wires complicate the whole process, they extend the setup time to the point where it becomes a hassle. With iPhone Screen Recorder, you select the AirPlay feature, choose your computer or Mac, and watch as the iPhone display is mirrored.


Recording Process – Of course, we have seen the quality of the end videos but what about the process itself? To get started, all that’s required is the click of one button – Record. As soon as you hit this button, the program will jump into life and record your iPhone screen. Regardless of whether you are playing a game, looking at a document, or reviewing an app, one button is all you will need!


Tip – Before we head into the final judgement of the program, we wanted to let you know that this will not work if the two devices you plan to use are not connected to the same WiFi network. Since it uses AirPlay, the iPhone has to find the computer through WiFi so this is a necessary step.



All things considered, we love the quality factor and we also enjoy the fact that it is so simple to use. For some, the simplicity may be a drawback but then you have to wonder why it needs to be so complicated in the first place? Through AirPlay, whatever is on your iPhone screen will be blown up onto the computer and we also appreciate that it isn’t just a recording program; it can just as easily be used by someone wanting to watch a film. For under $30, it is well worth the price and provides stiff competition for the best options on the market.


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