Google Chrome Portable Version For 32 and 64 Bit Windows

Google Chrome Portable 32 and 64-bit

Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome is most famous web browser that run web pages and applications with lightning speed. Now Google Chrome Portable has been released for download. It gives you web browsing without installation. This browser has released for 32 and 64 bi windows. It designed with simple and stylish mode. It is best thing that you can use this web browser very easily any time without installation. So you have no need for install this browser you can use on any system any where.

There are so many web browsers in market but Google Chrome is one of the best, it is very light and reliable. It gives you smooth browsing. It is most popular web browser. Google Chrome Portable Version is very compatible for their users and its available for use. You can download this application and install the executable to a directory of your choice. It can be used on different computers. So friends now its very easy to use your browser just click on download link and get this version from our site.
Download Portable Chrome 32-64 bit

Features Of Google Chrome Portable 32-64 bit

Google Chrome Portable Version is a web browsing application that can open your web pages in very lighting mode. It is very light browser which gives you very reliable platform for browsing. Portable Google Chrome have all features that includes in Google Chrome. It just doesn’t embed itself in to the Windows Registry and it doesn’t install to Program Files. In addition it gives you lot of features which is as follows.

    • Quickly start up and start browsing
    • It can loads web pages in a snap
    • Also runĀ  web applications faster and quickly
    • Designed for efficiency and ease of use
    • Search and navigate to web pages from the same box
    • Arrange and organize tabs as your desire with easy way
    • You can get to your favorite websites with just a click
    • Themes to add delight to your browser

Click below for download link

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